Jose Breton’s family exercise right not to testify against him

LAST UPDATED: 3 Oct, 2012 @ 07:57
Jose Breton’s family exercise right not to testify against him

THE family of Jose Breton, accused of murdering his two children Ruth and Jose in Cordoba, have refused to testify in court.

Yesterday Breton’s sister Catalina, his brother Rafael and his two parents Bartolo and Antonia all exercised their right not to give evidence about a blood relative.

The only family who did give evidence was Catalina’s husband Jose Ortega (Breton’s brother-in-law) – who is obliged to testify as a non-direct family member.

Ortega confirmed earlier comments in which he stated he thought Breton’s behaviour was ‘very strange’ and that he thought he ‘had done something’ to the children.

Yesterday Breton’s brother Rafael denied allegations that he removed incriminating messages from his brother’s mobile phone.

“On top of the hell we going through over the disappearance of my nieces Ruth and Jose, we have to endure these insults and allegations,” he said.

Tomorrow the court will hear evidence from forensic scientists.


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