Former deputy town hall accused of wasting €600,000

LAST UPDATED: 10 Oct, 2012 @ 08:20
Former deputy town hall accused of wasting €600,000

A FORMER deputy mayor has been accused of squandering €600,000 by the current town hall.

According to Velez Malaga mayor, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, former deputy Salvador Marin spent the money – allocated to support businesses in the area – on breakfasts out, advertising and concerts.

Bonilla accused the Izquierda Unida politician, who was deputy during the coalition period between 1997 and 2011, of ‘double standards’ and of ‘making a number of unauthorised transactions’ and ‘spending money which belonged to all Velez residents’.

“This situation was corrected with the arrival of the PP government, which has not allocated a single euro from the town hall coffers to such expenses,” he added.

Marin has recently accused the PP-run town hall of ‘unfulfilled promises’ to the electorate, and staged a 24-hour sit-in last week to draw attention to his cause.


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