Spain raises minimum marriage age

LAST UPDATED: 21 Apr, 2013 @ 18:57
Spain raises minimum marriage age

THE minimum age for marriage in Spain has been raised from 14 to 16 as part of government plans to combat child abuse and exploitation.

Social services minister Ana Mato said the government also proposes to revise the age of sexual consent which currently stands at just 13.

The reforms are part of major government plans to combat the abuse of minors, funded with a budget estimated at €5.2 billion over the next four years.

Under the previous law, in certain circumstances a child was allowed to enter into marriage with a court’s permission from the age of 14.

Critics of the legislation argue that this could result in children being forced into the union and open the way for exploitation.

Children’s organisations have welcomed the reforms as a means to prevent child abuse and fight paedophilia more effectively.

In Spain, the minimum ages for marriage and sexual consent were previously among the lowest in the world.

Mato told a news conference: “Although the age to enter into marriage in our country is 18 years, the law does allow in certain circumstances for marriage at 14. We are going to raise that age to 16.”

The minister added that the government will now work with political parties and children’s organisations to increase the age of consent in line with European Union nations.


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  1. “The minister added that the government will now work with political parties and children’s organisations to increase the age of consent in line with European Union nations.”

    Aren’t Spain already a EU nation? lol will Spain ever catch up?

  2. In any event, the Spanish don’t need roundabouts. Most try to drive straight through them, which is of course why so many roundabouts have enormous dents and gashes and various pieces of debris from cars and motorcycles deposited upon them. Some Spanish even use roundabouts as a good place for a barbecue. Have you ever seen the Spanish ‘negotiate’ (I use the term loosely you appreciate) a roundabout? First, they approach to go left, and then at the last minute they always cut in front of you to get past and overtake. They must get in front of you at all costs! If only they’d speed up in other aspects of day-to-day life lol.

  3. Fred, I see you are still bleating on and on about Spain and how bad much of it is… why don’t you just go back to the UK and give us all a rest.

    You hypocrites bring foreigners a bad name, i bet you’r one of those that describes yourself as an expat – no your not, you’r an immigrant.

    please go home or find yourself something else to do rather than clog up blog space with your moaning.

  4. patD. How can you say that about anyone? You don’t know us, all that we have made is a simple, yet comedic observation that the older Spanish drivers, ie. those that were driving before the introduction of roundabouts honestly don’t know how to negotiate them. It’s no different to a Spaniard pointing out in England that 90% of the brits since the introduction of the ready meal think that fish comes from the freezer and not the ocean.