Gibraltarian and two other men detained for possession of firearms

LAST UPDATED: 2 Jul, 2013 @ 16:47
Gibraltarian and two other men detained for possession of firearms

A GIBRALTARIAN and two other men were detained in Marbella for the possession of firearms.

A total of 11 weapons were found, along with a large amount of ammunition.

The 44-year-old native of Gibraltar is suspected to be the ringleader of a Marbella-based illegal weapons network, facilitating the sale of weapons to multiple criminal organisations.

Investigation into a possible illegal arms supplier began a few months ago, after a gardener working in a Marbella urbanisation found a collection of cartridges and notified the police.

This tip helped lead authorities to the home of the Gibraltarian, already known to the police for his involvement in drug trafficking.

It is believed that he could have been using these weapons for such illegal activities as drug raids and armed robberies.

The two other men detained by the police are suspected to have helped hide and store weapons between transactions.

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