Fake Ferrari gang busted in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 31 Jul, 2013 @ 19:33
Fake Ferrari gang busted in Spain

A GANG who sold fake sports cars, including Ferraris, has been arrested in Spain.

Police seized 17 models from two warehouses in Madrid after receiving a complaint from the Italian car manufacturer.

The cars were sold for €40,000, but despite customers being aware that the models were not genuine, Ferrari claimed it was a breach of industrial property rights.

Eight men, from Madrid and Valencia, created models including Ferrari F430s and F458 Spiders, as well as two Aston Martins and customised the cars to order.

Police are attempting to trace cars previously sold by the gang, which they believe may have been shipped abroad.

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  1. I used to have a fake Rolex. I bought it in Hong Kong for 200 HK$. (30 €) I knew it was a fake, but it had a Seiko movement and kept perfect time. I do not understand why this was a problem. I shall never buy a Rolex. Even if I could afford one I can’t see the point. Counterfeit goods, masquerading as the real thing are a different problem, of course.

  2. i dont get it. these were custom orders. hows that a crime? its not like anyone was trying to deceive?
    If i make a cardboard go-kart for my boy, and draw a ferrari logo on it, can i be arrested?

  3. If you go to Malta you will find that young men “customising” their own cars to make them look like other ones is a major source of enjoyment for all. I saw two “D” type jags last time I was there !