Tarifa mayor challenges Valdevaqueros decision

LAST UPDATED: 3 Aug, 2013 @ 10:30
Tarifa mayor challenges Valdevaqueros decision

THE mayor of Tarifa has spoken out against the ban on construction at Valdevaqueros beach, proving that not everyone is happy about the Junta’s new legislation that will protect the environmental treasure.

In a strong-worded statement, Gil Garcia said the Junta’s ruling was “a direct attack on Tarifa, its people, and its economy.”

The Junta put the legislation in place earlier this month after thousands attended demonstrations on the beach to protect Valdevaqueros from a construction project that threatened to ruin its nature and beauty.

The Tarifa town hall had planned to build a 1,400-room hotel and 350 additional properties next to the beach.

Garcia, extremely unhappy with the halted construction, stresses the importance of new hotels and properties to the area’s economy.

The local government, with Garcia at the head, has announced its intention to oppose the new protection legislation by all means possible.

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  1. With mayors like Mr Garcia who needs enemies? Clearly he was getting a kickback from the developers. Any mayor who puts concrete above the local environment must be replaced.

    Ta Eddy.

  2. Why the need (beyond personal greed) for another hotel, unless they plan to demolish all the other hotels/bungalows/camping sites along that stretch? Just from memory there are five different places to stay around Casa de Porro alone.

  3. Hasnt he made enough money selling the beach sand to spanish construction companies trucking it over to Gib.

    Thats right. And i saw that gem on spanish news.