Thou shalt not play Rap, Funk or Reggae… or even Country at new-look Fuengirola feria

LAST UPDATED: 8 Oct, 2013 @ 12:18
Thou shalt not play Rap, Funk or Reggae… or even Country at new-look Fuengirola feria

YOU can play any type of music at the Fuengirola feria… as long as it is Spanish and free of Latin rhythms, stall holders have been told.

Organisers of the week-long event, which started yesterday, have issued a series of rules stating what vendors can and cannot do while working at the feria, and the type of music they are permitted to play.

In a bizarre twist, they have outlawed the broadcasting of a range of genres, and will only permit Spanish language tracks.

The ruling said: “’As regards the background music, all kinds of music shall be permitted as long as the songs are performed in Spanish.

“Under no circumstance will background music be allowed if it comes from the following genres: Funk, Rap, Reggeton, Electronic, Metal, Alternative, Hip Hop, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Country, Punk, Goth, or Latin Rhythms in general”

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  1. We could just have hour long blues guitar solos. No lyrics needed, three numbers would be enough,theres already bands in the Torrox/ Nerja area that do that, stick it to em boys !

  2. Oh so Enrique Iglesias or his dad would be banned if they sang some of their songs that don’t have Spanish lyrics?

    I’ve got to agree in a small way though, you don’t go to a Chinese New Year party and want to listen to flamenco music.

  3. It is good to see the Feria returning to its traditional roots. For years the spirit and traditional aspects of the feria seemed to have been lost as it turned into a excuse to make black money by any means. This year the whole site seems safer with a better vibe and for once the town hall has been controlling who has set up bars or casetas. it is still not perfect but at least now the problems have started to addressed

  4. We’ve given up entirely on most feria’s, sick to death of the thump thump thump of the latest pop, blaring out at volumes to be heard miles away. What Spanish content is limited to an unspecified time and to hear or see it means waiting for hours with this torture.
    If I want pop, I’ve only to go to the nearest English bar.