Spanish bank borrowing falls as confidence returns

LAST UPDATED: 15 Oct, 2013 @ 07:12
Spanish bank borrowing falls as confidence returns

BANK borrowing from the European Central Bank (ECB) has fallen for the 13th consecutive month.

Data released by the Bank of Spain shows the country´s banks borrowed €244.2 billion in September, down from €249.3 billion in August.

This brings the net debt owed to the ECB down to its lowest level for 18 months, a sign that Spanish banks are finding it easier to raise funds on the debt market.

Borrowing reached an all-time high of €411 billion in August 2012 when investor sentiment towards the crippled lenders hit an all-time low.


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  1. Confidence returns ??? Where ? By who and in who ?
    The national bank does nothing but falsify the numbers….
    A million more jobless…record tiendas going broke…record of poverty, and rising… ( source: red cross).