TWO political parties have come to blows over who is responsible for the restrictive music policy at the Fuengirola feria.

As reported by the Olive Press last week, stall holders were issued with an order expressly prohibiting funk, rap, reggaeton, electronica, metal, alternative music, hip hop, reggae, heavy metal, country, punk, goth, and latin rhythms in general” and demanding any lyrics must be in Spanish.

The town´s Mayor, Esperanza Oña, said she was acting in accordance to a by-law passed by her own party, Partido Popular, and the Socialist Municipality Group back in 2008.

A spokesperson for the Socialist Municipality Group, however, said: “The law does not contain any prohibition relating to the music. The only limitation regarding interpretive languages or types of music is viewed exclusively in the public notice approved each year by the mayor.

“The by-law only indicates the obligation to provide a traditional image during the fair when it comes to music. It does not mention genres or languages that are allowed or banned at the event.”

The town hall came under fire from many sources for the restrictive music policy, which was described as a form of censorship, and an indication it was out of touch with modern Spain.

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