PROSECUTORS have offered Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum the chance to be free for Christmas if they help bring down the drug gang that flew them into Peru.

Peruvian chief prosecutor Juan Mendoza Abarca said the 20-year-olds, who face a minimum of six years in jail for bringing €2 million of cocaine through Lima Airport , could be home within weeks if they hand over all details about the group responsible for the smuggling plot.

The pair, who have pleaded guilty to drug smuggling in the hope of reducing their sentence, insist they were forced into smuggling the drugs by a gang that kidnapped them from the Spanish island where they were working summer jobs.

Mendoza Abarca said: “There is a possibility these two women can be out in around two months and never have to go back. But they have to give us all the information they have, names, addresses, contact details and so on, so we can bring the drugs gang here in Peru and abroad to justice.”

He added their claims of kidnap were illogical, as drugs mules tend to come to Peru from Europe of their own free will to make money.

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  1. “Between the Devil and the deep blue sea” If these girls really could back their story up and provide the information demanded, how long would they last, once freed?
    Actually, the prosecutor’s opinion is probably correct. Silly girls.

  2. Sorry but I’m not buying any of their b/s.
    They knew exactly what they were doing. At any time they could have gone to the police in Ibiza or taken the cocaine to the police in Peru.

    They were out to make easy money end of. And now the British taxpayer has to shell out £6000 a week to keep them in prison – let them serve their sentences in Peru.

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