CAC treats visitors to Picasso in inaugural show

LAST UPDATED: 15 Oct, 2013 @ 06:57
CAC treats visitors to Picasso in inaugural show

VISITORS to a new cultural centre in Mijas will be treated to an exhibition of work by Picasso, Dali and Joaquin Martinez de la Vega.

The inaugural show at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC), which opens its doors next month, is entitled Picasso, amigos and contemporaneous and will include the largest display of Picasso’s ceramics in the country.

Elsewhere, a variety of pieces by Foujita, a Japanese artist who was a good friend of Picasso’s, will be exhibited alongside work by a number of other Japanese artists.

There will also be a selection of works created by Salvador Dali, George Braques and other artists which were said to have formed part of Picasso’s “artistic and family life.”

The CAC Mijas, located in La Baraka, calle Malaga, has been funded through an agreement between Mijas Town Hall and the Rejmedios Medina Foundation, which owns a collection of art managed by Spanish Art Brokers.


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