Mijas animal shelter full to bursting

LAST UPDATED: 4 Nov, 2013 @ 16:43
Mijas animal shelter full to bursting

A MIJAS animal shelter has limited the number of new animals it takes in due to overcrowding.

Proteccion de Animales Domesticos (PAD) currently has 180 cats and 35 dogs that need rehoming, and due to a lack of funding can afford to take no more until at least some have been rehomed.

Anyone that is able to rehome an animal should contact the centre on 952 469 254.

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  1. Unfortunately, Spain seems no different than most other countries in having poor pet-ownership control of domestic animals. Too many pets end up abandoned worldwide. It’s only my opinion, but would it not be a useful idea to only allow pets into the ownership of folk licenced to keep them ? I am a dog owner.

  2. Paul : a great idea..we should do the same with kids, and let future parent do tests, to see if they are able to have them.
    i have 3 cats and 2 dogs, and i apriciate their compagny above most humans.