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E-cigs “no safer than the real thing”

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SPANISH medics are warning electronic cigarettes could be just as dangerous as the real thing, despite being marketed as a healthier alternative.

Spains Association of Pneumology and Thoraicic Surgery tested the effects of e-cigarettes on the lung function in non-smokers, healthy smokers, and those with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The medics found the vapour in the devices caused lungs to react in exactly the same way as with regular cigarettes.

Dr Segismundo Solano, leader of the research, concluded the e-cigarette immediately increased the airway resistance and decreased their power to draw air through, and this effect was greater in the group of non-smokers and healthy smokers.

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular in Spain, but their sale remains unregulated.

Claire Wilson

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  1. This is a debunked study. The exact same reaction can be observed on entering a steam room or being at a theater with a fog machine. Big pharma and tobacco propaganda. Please research before printing.

  2. Overall, im pleased that smokers have an alternative that ‘may’ be healthier for them & could make quitting for good a little easier > however, non-smokers do not choose to inhale either smoke or vapour, therefore bans stopping the use of these products should be the same as normal cigarettes & this ban should continue & even intensified – & which does encourage some people to give up entirely……..

  3. This is an entirely bogus “study”, seemingly designed to scare smokers away from considering e-cigarettes as a means of quitting. Good Luck Spanish authors, ¡Buena Suerte! I’m kidding–this line of BS [mierda de toros] will wind up killing desperate addicted smokers. Why would anyone do that? What are these “researchers” gaining from such distortions of science. Oh well, good thing that European smokers, like Americans, are “voting with their feet” by the millions and taking up vaping while quitting toxic deadly cigarettes, despite all the official “warnings” based on phony stats. These authors should be ashamed.
    Gil Ross MD/ACSH.org

  4. How pathetic. To be so addicted to a drug which does nothing at all, other than keep one addicted. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Actually though, it IS quite funny to watch these buffoons sucking on a lump of plastic.

  5. It’s a ploy from Big Pharmaceutical and Big Tobacco, the enemies of Electronic Cigarettes that sales have climbed making pharmaceutical products for quitting smoking undesired due to their 95% failure rate and cigarette manufacturers sales are down. Electronic cigarettes are saving millions of lives worldwide and growing exponentially. This is what new inventions attract. When Ford first showed the automobile, people said it would be dangerous and bad for their health. SMOKING KILLS 1,000,000 people every year vaping is helping smokers save themselves in a way they enjoy!

  6. Stop being evil….This is about money and nothing else, not health not whats better for you..
    Money! The tobacco companies, The pharmaceutical companies, The American Lung Association right down to your local city government….they care nothing about your health. They want that cash…cha ching.. As for looking out for children i really like MT Dew and Hello Kitty Guns among other things.

    If you have tried to stop smoking by getting the free patch the smoking hotline sends out just listen to the questions they ask you when you tell them you don’t need their patch because it did not work but vaping did and has..They still want to send you more? Why? Money! for them.
    If you cared at all about peoples health that smoke you would not fight e cigs. I smoked since i was 12 years old about 40 years, i tried the patch a few times gums and chantex too(?) NOTHING helped me or worked till i got a e cig (mod)……I stopped smoking HARMFUL cigs the first day of use……..i have not smoked a cig in over 5 months. My mom died of cancer, she smoked for many many years……while i was growing up she tried hard to stop smoking over the years………i soooo wish she was still alive so she could try these e cigs and STOP SMOKING and get the satisfaction of doing it. For people and governments to fight so hard to take this away from us is despicable……to just want the tax money from people who found a way out is horrible…As for non vaporers inhaling vapor without a choice what about legal smog? now that’s something to worry about………

  7. “an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”

    “Personal Vapers” or E-Cigs are a viable replacement for delivery of nicotine, just like the patches and gums, it just “resembles” smoking and allows those who developed the bad habit of oral fixation thru smoking to satisfy that urge.

    I know everyone has seen all the reports over e-cigs the media is pumping out, many have bought into the falseness of the claims…it’s time to break it down with common sense.

    What 3 chemicals are found in cigarette smoking? In every single one no matter what brand, flavor, strength? In what ratios?

    There were studies ordered by the government of tobacco companies to produce a list of the ratios.


    Now what can you tell me about that list…take a close look at look at the levels and ratios of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide?

    The amount of nicotine you actually get from the cigarette is between 5-15 times LESS than the other two chemicals individually, combined 10-30 times less, so what are you REALLY getting addicted to when you “burn a stinky?”

    Now…ask yourself what are the effects of those chemicals on the human body after YEARS of use? What is the damage to your immune system with the constant stressing of it each time you smoke a cigarette for years, decades even, what does a healthy immune system do to cancer cells when they are found, what does a stressed or weakened immune system due to those stresses from the known chemicals in cigarettes?

    Now…let’s discuss these “e-cigarette” things
    When they first came out in their infancy in there may have been problems..the government did a study and found in a handful of samples chemicals that can be harmful, what they didn’t tell you is that in EVERY SINGLE one of those samples the 10-30 times the harmful chemicals WERE NOT THERE.

    Over time, ingenious individuals found better products that didn’t have those components that had the harmful chemicals that were found in the beginning yet most reports attacking e-cigs are based upon that early study. Technology has finally risen to allow those same ingenious individuals to create a device to deliver vaporized fluids containing small metered amounts of nicotine. Nichrome wire, high density Li Ion batteries.

    Personal vapers e-juice NOW contains 4 separate elements, propylene glycol which can also be found in NUMEROUS products most of us use and ingest daily, it is not antifreeze even though some antifreeze’s use it, guess what else is in antifreeze…dihydrogen monoxide…aka water.

    The second is food grade artificial flavoring that does not contain Diacetyl which is a chemical found when heated can release harmful chemicals, and used in e-cig juice early on…thru the same ingenious experimentation they identified this problem and have removed that too, also anything using artificial flavoring…you guessed it…you consume daily, sometimes multiple times daily.

    The third is pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine which also is found in many products used, consumed, and ingested daily.

    Fourth being nicotine extract…which still allows personal vapers to get nicotine which is just another chemical stimulant similar to caffeine, in too much concentration can kill you, but due to ingenious and methodical measurements can be delivered in safe metered amounts just like analogs…but you guessed it WITHOUT the 10-30x the amount harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, you can actually get e-juice with no nicotine in it if you so choose

    Those that claim personal vapers or “e-cigs” are JUST as harmful are being disingenuous or even downright wrong (maybe even paid to be wrong…hmmm) The budding personal vaper community doesn’t have the media machine that those who want to see it stopped have

    How can it be just as harmful when you are removing 10-30x the harmful chemicals from smoking, and comparing it to smoking, yet still getting that chemical stimulant, it would be like taking liquid concentrate caffeine (which you can buy in gallon jugs) and putting it in sparkling water and calling it a coffee product.

    Governments and the FDA are looking to regulate and in some places even BAN personal vaping or the sale of its components because it “looks” like smoking even though it is almost NOTHING like smoking other than the small amounts of metered nicotine being delivered, there is no combustion, there is no tar, there is no carbon monoxide, there is no smoke how can it be a “tobacco” product or JUST AS BAD as smoking? It is an alternative form of nicotine delivery, same as patches, and gums that still can be bought over the counter or even on EBAY

    Last time I checked, smoking cigarettes didn’t become “not bad for you” just because the personal vaper or ecig hit the market.

    I quit smoking because it is bad for you, I started vaping to get my nicotine because it is MUCH MUCH LESS bad for you!

    It’s not about just the nicotine…It has NEVER been about just the nicotine

    Now with this information, you can choose to believe an error, or you can choose to correct it

  8. To answer an earlier comment about nicotine.
    Yup it MAY be addictive but since its never been studied properly separately from smoking they don’t know that for sure, I have heard their are studies ongoing about that.

    As for it doesn’t do anything, that line was just funny an obviously from someone who knows zero about it. It is a mild stimulant as its sister drug caffeine. It increases physical endurance in the right quantities. It can aid with concentration. It seems to slow the effects of alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease. It slows the expansion of aneurysms too.

    There are probably more and I can’t be bothered going to get all the links to the medical journals, go read rather than be ignorant.

  9. What you mean vaping causes the lungs to do exactly what they are designed to do and do it every time the air we breath changes, hotter colder etc. so no more harmful than walking out of the air conditioning on a hot day. I am interested that e cigarettes were tested on non smokers. Assuming the ethics committee approved this test then they must have considered e cigarettes to be harmless in order to approve it.

  10. There is no bigger supporter of e-cigs than me .. BUT there is some truth to this .. I’ve been a non-smoker for several years – but to my surprise when using e-cigs (which I loved for the satisfaction factor) I found a very real and significant ‘suffocation feeling’ .. I thought maybe the vaping was triggering old ‘cellular memory’ (which could be) .. but now I know that the atomizers in e-cigs causes something known as Dead Orgone Energy (this is can be scientifically validated) .. but the good news is that there is a way to ‘remedy’ this .. I might tell what it is (this is worth a fortune) .. it would even make vaping e-cigs a ‘healthy’ thing to do .

  11. castello2: Don’t be silly. You can CHOOSE to use tea or coffee, caffeine is a much lesser habit than nicotine. Nicotine removes choice. It’s ADDICTIVE. Physically and, to a lesser extent, psychically. Regardless of possible lesser harm from these things, while using them the addiction remains. Get some cojones and kick this silly (and still expensive) habit.
    These arguments in favour of this useless drug, strongly remind me of the panicky protests that accompanied the smoking ban. This is a massive experiment being conducted on nicotine junkies. No one really knows what harm may be revealed in future, just as it took decades for the toxicity from smoking to be proved. Don’t forget, there’s millions to be made from this idiocy, huge efforts will be expended to “justify” the use of the Plastic Fantastics.

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