This week’s most read news (9 – 15 November 2013)

LAST UPDATED: 17 Nov, 2013 @ 11:55
This week’s most read news (9 – 15 November 2013)

1. Hooker: George Osborne and Nigel Havers were clients of mine!

The British chancellor has been accused of taking cocaine and partying with prostitutes in a sensational Spanish radio interview.

2. Pesticide could spell the end of Red Palm Weevil

The University of Cordoba has developed a pesticide that could ward off the palm tree-killing Red Palm Weevil.

3. Benefits cheats brought to justice

A pair of benefits cheats who lived the high life in Spain have been ordered to pay back the £16,000 they fraudulently claimed.

4. Sexist Duke of Palma reveals crude side in leaked emails

The disgraced son-in-law of King Juan Carlos was reported by El Mundo to have sent an email which included a pun about Prince Felipe and Letizia’s bedroom activities, and screenshots of prominant female newsreaders at the time, including Letizia, entitled ‘orgasms’.

5. Young hero saves fellow passenger on Malaga flight

A teenager from Liverpool is being praised after she saved the life of a fellow passenger on a flight from Malaga.


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