Art attack

LAST UPDATED: 15 Dec, 2013 @ 13:44
Art attack

TO some it is urban vandalism.

But one San Pedro Hostal has decided to welcome graffiti on its walls, inviting some of the UK’s best known artists to come and decorate its rooms.

Hostal Plaza will even hold an open day on December 11 between 5-8pm, so that members of the public can come and see the finished work.

Manager Richard Wynn said, “We wanted to set ourselves apart from the local competition so we offered artists the opportunity to come and do large murals in exchange for free food and accommodation.

“First we had an illustrator from England called Ken Iizuka. Since then we’ve had Carlo Amen, a French artist, who painted our roof terrace and Joy Gilleard, who designed a large mural for us.

“After that I started to contact artists from around Europe through Facebook and had a great response.”

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