Bankers play Santa

LAST UPDATED: 19 Dec, 2013 @ 14:58
Bankers play Santa

LA CAIXA BANK and the local council have come together to fund Christmas gifts for under privileged children.

The initiative, named Your Star Toy, will see 7,000 toys delivered to children between the ages of three and eight.

The council allocated €15,000 for the programme, and has assumed the costs of distribution.

The toys, meanwhile, were provided by Malaga Toys Carrion, which in turn has reduced their profit margin to help the campaign reach as many families as possible.

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  1. What exactly are the banks contributing to this jolly? I can only see council and Malaga Toys funding in this piece. Come on O.P. help us to feel all warm and fuzzy toward bankers.

  2. Nice HEADLINE but just WHAT did the Bankers’ contribute to this? After most Spanish banks were mismanaged and had to be bailed out with Billions, and still found “petty cash” to pay their Execs Millions of euros, it would be a nice “detail” to see exactly how much each Bank & Bankers contributed. ps: it’s Tax Deductable to them so public data.