Lobster pardoned from the pot by Benalmadena’s aquarium

LAST UPDATED: 26 Apr, 2014 @ 10:33
Lobster pardoned from the pot by Benalmadena’s aquarium

A MONSTER lobster has been rescued from the pot to become a new exhibit at Benalmadena’s Sea-Life aquarium.

‘Pinzas’ (Claws) the lobster, who weighs five kilos – about five times more than one typically sold in a restaurant – was spotted at a Malaga fish market and bought for €100.

“Otherwise, its destiny was no doubt to become part of a rice stew,” said a spokesperson for the aquarium.

He will now join the exhibit’s Japanese spider crab, considered the largest crab species in the world with a leg-span of up to four metres.

The ‘pardoning’ was a nod to the Semana Santa tradition in which religious brotherhoods, or ‘cofradias’, pardon a prison inmate.

Pinzas received his pardon from ‘the recently created ‘cofradia del bogavante’ (brotherhood of lobsters), formed by lobsters, crabs and sea-horses,’ according to a statement released by the aquarium.

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