Police arrest six at eviction of family with newborn baby in Madrid

LAST UPDATED: 30 Jun, 2014 @ 14:42
Police arrest six at eviction of family with newborn baby in Madrid

POLICE arrest six people in Madrid who tried to stop the eviction of a family with a newborn baby.

The arrests were made as protesters tried to halt the eviction of the family with three young children – the youngest just 20 days old.

Activists reported that the family consisted of unemployed parents Jorge and Yolanda, their eight- and seven-year-old children, and their baby.

In the latest eviction scandal to hit Spanish headlines, police sources claim one of the protesters tried to seize a gun from an officer.

But Manuel San Pastor, lawyer for the anti-evictions group PAH, criticised the ‘extreme violence’ used by police during the eviction.

He added that ‘for every eviction that takes place, PAH will look for an empty property’ to house the homeless families.

Kutxabank – the bank involved – said they had previously agreed to delay the court-ordered eviction until after the birth.

Two people were also injured in the incident, in the neighbourhood of Usera in the capital.

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  1. I am assuming that the eviction case has been going on for a while, then why conceive a baby when you clearly cant afford it? isn’t that common sense? PS not having a pop at Spain, it happens everywhere.