Judge Castro, on NOOS case: “Everything will be determined today”

LAST UPDATED: 4 Jul, 2014 @ 15:19
Judge Castro, on NOOS case: “Everything will be determined today”

AFTER yesterday’s written confession of Aizoon’s ex-accountant Marco Tejeiro accusing Torres and Urdangarin of fraud and money laundering, judge Jose Castro affirms that all of his testimony will be taken into account in the upcoming hours.

Tejeiro states that  ‘the group Noos operated under the joint direction of Diego Torres and Inaki Urdangairin, who led the group as bosses, having absolute control and power in decision-making.’

This claim tacitly serves to exonerate Princess Cristina, who according to Tejeiro was never in the power seat.

He maintains his claim that Diego Torres and Inaki Urdangarin intentionally designed the company to steal public funds, and that it never operated as a not-for-profit organisation. Rather, it acted as a mere cover to issue false invoices and collect benefits from phantom employees – workers who never worked for the company nor received payment, but whose presence afforded Aizoon large tax breaks.

Torres fights back against Tejeiro with a statement that the ex-accountant was ‘the business manager of Noos Institute,” rather than an ‘administrator’ as he says in his accusation.

The judge into account Tejeiro’s confession just three hours before the closing of the window to present appeals. Fifteen appeals have been registered since June 25.

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