English flamenco legend Gerald Howson dies

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jul, 2014 @ 17:22
English flamenco legend Gerald Howson dies

ONE of England’s favorite hispanophiles Gerald Howson has died.

Howson, who died in London at the age of 88, is world-famous for a number of achievements, including a scandalous memoir of his time in Spain called The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay.

After taking a job teaching English in Cadiz, Howson indulged in his love of flamenco, perfecting his guitar and language skills, leaving Spain completely fluent after arriving with only a few words.

Back in the UK, Howson led a simple lifestyle earning money by playing his flamenco guitar in clubs around London until he met his wife and had children.

With the burden of supporting a family, the Renaissance man, who also painted, picked up a career in photojournalism and academic writing.

He famously wrote a book on the Spanish Civil War called Arms for Spain: The Untold Story of the Spanish Civil War.


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