127 kilo cocaine haul found on Spanish naval training ship

LAST UPDATED: 7 Aug, 2014 @ 17:50
127 kilo cocaine haul found on Spanish naval training ship

A 127-kilo cocaine haul with a street value of almost €500,000 was found aboard the Spanish naval training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano docked in Cadiz. 

The discovery was made by the Civil Guard who seized and searched the vessel when it returned to Spain following a six-month global voyage.

The drugs are thought to have been loaded in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where the boat stopped in mid-April.

In early May more than 20 kilos of cocaine loaded on ship was sold while it was docked in New York, with the Spanish authorities then tipped off by the US department of Homeland Security Investigations. 

It took until last month when the ship moored off of the northwest Spanish city Pontevedra to detain three suspected sailors – two Spaniards and an Ecuadorian – for drug trafficking.

It is  unknown whether the three  had accomplices, though US authorities report the men were paid €3,800 for every kilo they trafficked.


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  1. Spain really needs to address its drug smuggling problems. Its a serious shame for spain. All this while it sings its boring songs on Gibraltar etc……… also regarding tax havens, a recent report showed the top ten places for little/no tax used by many different nationalities to avoid paying what they should. Gibraltar didnt appear on the list, while Andorra was 2nd……. hmmm #NoShame