Gibraltar queues ‘gridlock’ as Frontier works begin

LAST UPDATED: 9 Sep, 2014 @ 14:52
Gibraltar queues ‘gridlock’ as Frontier works begin

QUEUES at the Gibraltar border are ‘gridlocked’ as Frontier works kick off.

The road works – expected to last until March – are reportedly causing ‘chaos’ at the border between Spain and the Rock, with the current estimated queuing time up to an hour and 20 minutes.

The Royal Gibraltar Police have reported that their ‘queue information hotline’ is currently out of order, but are reporting expected delays manually.

One resident posted on Facebook, while stuck in a queue: “People with husbands and wives working in Gibraltar, don’t expect them home on time or any time soon.”

Concerns are also being raised about increased traffic flow tomorrow, as Gibraltar celebrates its National Day.

Photos and reports from people stuck in traffic indicate that queues to enter Spain extend back as far as Devil’s Tower Road, nearly a kilometre from the border.

However, live video streams of the border on appear to show traffic flowing smoothly.

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  1. It’ll work wonders for the hospitality industry in La Linea. Not. A properly run project would have had contingencies to minimise disruption. But then we are talking about Spain.

  2. Think positive BritBob, once the works are complete, the prize will be to be able to profile all those individuals who are tax resident in Spain even though they work and pay taxes in Gibraltar.

  3. Ciudadanos, if Spain co-operated with, and recognised Gibraltar authorities, all this could be done anyway. Spain is doing this “por las malas” as usual where Gibraltar is concerned

  4. This is undoubtedly a deliberate ploy to cause even MORE chaos. Is there any reason to believe they will actually USE the new lanes to speed up passage through the border? They have only used ONE lane a small fraction of the time this past year! Que mala leche! But we should expect this from them – it’s par for the course!