Half a million website visitors a month can’t be wrong!

LAST UPDATED: 19 Sep, 2014 @ 17:54
Half a million website visitors a month can’t be wrong!

IT’S official, the Olive Press is Spain’s biggest English-language news website.

The  website is now getting a staggering 500,000 views a month.

The half a million pages are being read by around 140,000 ‘unique’ visitors each month.

With five online reporters now working around the clock to bring readers breaking news from around Spain, the website is in better shape than ever.

The Olive Press tops its rivals in Alexa traffic rankings at the time of publishing at 105,356, with the Euro Weekly News ranked 156,233 Sur in English 344,581 and the News Online outside the planet’s top million.

Incredibly, more than 50,000 visitors flocked to the Olive Press website in just one day this month when a certain Ice Bucket Challenge story went global.

With 3,400 followers on Twitter and more than 6,200 on Facebook, the Olive Press is also making waves on social media, beating our rivals once again.


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