Gaucin restaurant to host art exhibition

LAST UPDATED: 23 Sep, 2014 @ 10:39
Gaucin restaurant to host art exhibition

ANDALUCIA’S art-lovers will be able to brush shoulders with one of the region’s top artists at an exhibition in Gaucin on September 28. 

La Granada Divina restaurant will host a presentation of Jennifer Waterhouse’s work on September 28 from midday.

Waterhouse, originally from Ripon, Yorkshire, has lived in Spain for twenty years and draws inspiration from her home surroundings in Gaucin.

She said: “I am inspired by the study of movement and rhythm in natural forms, whether they be plants, trees, rocks or clouds.

“Each one has its own characteristic structure or way of growing.

“The way I paint depends quite a lot on what I am painting. If it is a view of the Straits, I am thinking about space and light, if it is a tree, I am thinking about the characteristic form of that tree.

“My approach depends on what I am looking for in the subject.”


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