New multi-million Gibraltar marina complex awaits go-ahead

LAST UPDATED: 3 Oct, 2014 @ 13:07
New multi-million Gibraltar marina complex awaits go-ahead

A MULTI-MILLION pound development is being lined up to transform the east side of Gibraltar into a marina complex to rival the most luxurious of resorts.

The Armada Group, a Middle East-based developer, hopes to build residential and commercial complexes as well as provide a FIFA-approved football pitch and create a tunnel linking the Eastside Project with the City Hall at John Mackintosh Square.

The developers – who are awaiting the green light from planning chiefs on the Rock – also want to build medical and educational facilities, recreational spaces, pools and beaches.

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  1. The Spanish will love that!! Spain has so much corruption investors do not want to go to Spain. No profits to be had, prices not rising, just dropping in Spain. Gib highlights their failings and this will bring even more pressure on them, no doubt they will try and blame the success on cheap cigarettes and not good politicians.

  2. Hong Kong never enjoyed Democracy. A Brit politician admitted it was never introduced because it would need to be handed back to China. Now its Chinese (not British) inhabitants are paying the price.
    Not really a relevant comparison with Gib which will NEVER be handed back, or surrendered. No?

  3. Agreed Ricardo! Gibraltar seriously need to fix their power issues before they can even contemplate building any new multi-million pound complexes!

  4. I think this project should be put on hold for now and the money reallocated to fixing the electricity & water supplies. Bringing back the gibi bikes wouldn’t hurt either

  5. Mr Pisda, it is a private development.

    I don’t think private developers are much interested in paying for Gibraltar’s power station etc..

  6. True, but surely the government has to approve it before they start building? Maybe they should approve infrastructure repairs before adding to the problem.

  7. I think this project should be *started* immediately. A serious investment for a serious future. OBVIOUSLY the infrastructure will have to be expanded and improved. (And nowhere does infrastructure outpace need)

    And stef: saying HK didnt enjoy democracy is more of an oversimplification than my saying they did. They were ruled by a democratic governance (even if they couldnt vote) and in ’85 they had indirect elections, with plans of selfrule in line with all other brit territories…
    tl;dr – they had more democracy than they do now.

  8. >And nowhere does infrastructure outpace need
    I’ve lived in both La Linea and Gibraltar for the last four years. La Linea had one power cut in that time (And that was just one building). During that same period Gibraltar has had power cuts on a regular basis. My point is if the infrastructure can’t be maintained/repaired in that time, adding to power demands will just make it worse. Still, it looks like a great development, as long as they put a backup generator in the basement.

    Free tip for those living or working in Gibraltar: Don’t use the lifts if it rains :-)