Spanish construction firm to build high-speed rail in USA

LAST UPDATED: 19 Dec, 2014 @ 16:56
Spanish construction firm to build high-speed rail in USA

A SPANISH construction firm has won a €960,000 contract to build a high-speed rail system in California, USA.

Building company ACS, part of consortium Dragados, beat two other construction firms to the contract and will begin work on the 105 km track in the new year.

Californian rail chief Jeff Morales sees the deal as a ‘major factor’ in improving the United States’ west coast.

He said: “Today is a significant milestone as we continue building the nation’s first high-speed rail system.

“The proposals underscore the value of world-class competition and the design-build approach to deliver high-speed rail in California.”

Morales also announced plans to build a high-speed rail network that will link Los Angeles with San Francisco in less than three hours by 2029.

Dragados has been involved in construction of 41 high-speed rail projects around the world over the past 25 years, laying more than 1,000 kms of track.



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