Man covered in blood arrested for domestic violence in Mijas

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jan, 2015 @ 08:10
Man covered in blood arrested for domestic violence in Mijas

A MAN was arrested for alleged domestic violence after hurting his partner during a heated argument in Mijas on Thursday.

With their faces, clothes and hands covered in blood, the assailant was seen trying to leave his home in Las Lagunas at 10:30pm while his mother attempted to restrain him.

Arriving then at the scene officers found that the man’s mother had a cut on her hand while inside the house the man’s partner was found with a bloody bruise on her forehead which she claims to have received after the man head-butted her.

A six-inch bloodied knife was found inside the property which had been turned topsy-turvy along with three children that were present during the argument.

A passer-by who had heard a loud argument between a man and a woman as well as bangs and the noise of breaking glass alerted police officers who were driving through the neighbourhood.




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