2500 tons of ‘fraud food’ confiscated across 47 countries

Interpol battles frozen food billed as fresh and sell-by-date fiddling

LAST UPDATED: 19 Feb, 2015 @ 13:01

INTERPOL has launched an international crackdown on bogus food and drink, such as fake whisky and vodka and defrosted seafood sold as fresh.

A massive 51,000kg of food was seized in Tarragona
A massive 51,000kg of food was seized in Tarragona

Spain is one of 47 countries involved in operation Opson IV. Guardia Civil officers have carried out more than 2,400 inspections nationwide.

A company selling ‘100% Arabica’ coffee was busted for mixing lower quality blends and 51,000 kg of food was detained in Tarragona.

The Guardia Civil uncovered sell-by-date fiddling and unhygienic transport of food, as well as the sale and conservation of meat and seafood from clandestine warehouses.

The Spanish operation yielded 1,663 administrative offences and 26 people arrested.


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