Mystery surrounds failure to open Estepona roundabout

An Estepona roundabout is the site of frustration and controversy due to ongoing closure despite the construction appearing complete

LAST UPDATED: 5 Mar, 2015 @ 13:10

MYSTERY surrounds the failure to reopen a roundabout on the A7 despite work finishing three months ago. 

The roundabout is situated on the busy A7 between Estepona and Sabinillas
The roundabout is situated on the busy A7 between Estepona and Sabinillas

The roundabout between Estepona and Casares was finished before Christmas after two months of work.

But while Estepona Town Hall insists it cannot be opened until streetlights are in place, locals insist it is due to a lack of permission from a local landowner.

Manuel Sanchez, a member of Estepona’s neighbourhood platform, told the Olive Press: “The developers built on a plot of land without permission and now have to remove it and start again.

“The man who owns the land doesn’t live here full time so he was shocked when he came back and found the sliproad through his land.”

The landowner himself Antonio Ruiz, confirmed that the sliproad to the roundabout had been built without his permission.

And he added that it was now going to have to be rebuilt in a different way.

“I hope all this will be sorted out really soon,” he said.

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  1. It’s probably because they have not managed to get a quorum of politicos agreed for the opening. At least 10 are needed for a roundabout, and a minimum of 1 government minister should be involved…