UPDATE: Family of four found dead in Gibraltar

A family of four have been found dead in Gibraltar according to early reports

LAST UPDATED: 6 Apr, 2015 @ 11:32

A FAMILY of four have been found dead in a Gibraltar flat according to early reports.gibraltar_2635526k

The family, including two children and not thought to be local, were found this morning in a flat in Boschetti’s Steps.

At 11am a friend of the family was reportedly heard knocking loudly on the property’s front door and shouting out to the family who had reportedly been visiting him.

He called the police when there was no response, a canine squad and a doctor also arrived on the scene.

A major police investigation has been launched and Gibraltar police will be holding a press conference at 5pm today.

Detectives and forensic workers have been working since this morning the area remains out of bounds to the public.


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