Golfing event aims to promote golf tourism to Andalucia

Marbella’s Villa Padierna Golf Club is hosting the event

LAST UPDATED: 14 May, 2015 @ 12:50

golf meet up villa padierna marbella
Villa Padernia

GOLF executives and enthusiasts are set to unite and form solid business relationships at the IAGTO Andalucia Trophy.

Marbella’s Villa Padierna Golf Club is hosting the event following the International Association of Golf Tour Operators’ pact with Turismo Andaluz last November.

With 60 golf tour operators and 60 golf tourism suppliers from Andalucia, 50 members of the IAGTO will enjoy Andalucia’s unparalleled facilities first hand.

The organisation takes in 2,379 golf tour operators, resorts and hotels estimates that its operators control 85% of golf holiday packages sold worldwide.

The event will take place May 11-13. For more information visit


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  1. Historically, the number of golf CUSTOMERS has been going down for years, while the number of GOLF SUPPLIERS/COURSES has been going up (likely for property development $$ reasons), – has there been any demonstrable acts to increase the number of golf CUSTOMERS to meet SUPPLY?

  2. A developer will often “add on” a golf course as a concession to providing housing. There really is no logic; they will also quite happily build a golf course that is just 5 minutes away from another failing golf course, for example. Golf courses and droughts just don’t mix.