Animal rights group fighting against closure of Mijas shelter

The Andalucian government is threatening to close a shelter in Mijas that homes 250 animals

LAST UPDATED: 20 May, 2015 @ 12:44

Mijas animal shelterAN animal rights group are fighting back against the Andalucian government after they threatened to close a shelter in Mijas. 

PACMA have launched a petition to stop the closure of ACE Charity’s shelter which homes more than 250 animals.

A report carried out by the Junta found that the shelter is ‘unsatisfactory’ and doesn’t meet new standards.

The kennels at the shelter failed the inspection as they do not all have access to light, artificial or natural.


The charity have now been given a month to carry out necessary improvements – valued at €50,000 – or face closure.

ACE has been running its shelter in Mijas for 15 years and has homed more than 17,000 animals during that time.

PACMA’S online petition can be found here.


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  1. And yet, there are dogs being kept in a metal container in extremely hot weather in Murcia and the authorities are forbidding ACTIN (an animal charity) to go in and liberate them. Apparently, a metal container meets their standards of “natural or artificial light”… Spain’s laws, police and other auhorities are a joke! “”