Controversial Gibraltar reef ‘exploding with life’ two years after installation

Spain had accused Gibraltar of creating the reef in a bid to hinder its fishing fleet

LAST UPDATED: 21 May, 2015 @ 19:25

THE Rock’s controversial artificial reef is ‘teeming with life’, two years after it drew furious protests from Spain.

Gibraltar’s environmental department claims the decision to install the reef is now completely vindicated as it ‘exploding with life’.

Reef, when 70 concrete blocks were sunk into the waters surrounding the British territory’s runway.

“This is what happens when you let Mother Nature do her work,” said Stephen Warr, senior environment officer.

“We kick-started things because we know that in the area where the reef was laid there used to be sea grass, so we are trying to restore the marine environment to its former glory.”



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  1. Congratulations to those concerned & the stick they put up with from the neighbours.

    I believe the Spanish carried out similar operations along the coast in an effort to revive their own destroyed fishing grounds. It would be interesting to learn how their efforts have been rewarded & what the previously complaining fishermen now think about it all.