UPDATE: Fire near Fuengirola under control

The fire on the Camino de Coin is now under control

LAST UPDATED: 12 Jun, 2015 @ 16:11

evacuation coin
Children being evacuted

THE fire which broke out near St Anthony’s College on the Camino de Coin this afternoon is now under control.

The blaze on the school boundary came to the attention of teachers at around midday.

Classes were immediately suspended and parents instructed to pick up their children.

Photo from Local Fire and Weather Watch community group

All students were initially evacuated to La Cala Hills flats before being moved to the tennis club fur further security.

“All kids have now been collected from school – no one was harmed and no buildings were damaged,” a member of staff’s husband told the Olive Press.

fire 2
Photo from Local Fire and Weather Watch community group

“The fire won’t have gone out completely for a few hours but it is under control.

“More worrying is that it is the second fire in that area in just two days,” said the source.

A ground crew was at the scene including a group of specialists, a pump, a brigade and also a helicopter.





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