Disgraced Princess Cristina and her husband sell Barcelona home to top up ‘court account’

Cristina is to face trail for tax fraud, while Urdangarin is charged with money laundering and fraud

LAST UPDATED: 19 Jun, 2015 @ 11:35

Cristina and Urdangarin
Cristina and Urdangarin

DISGRACED Princess Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdangarin have flogged their Barcelona mansion to cover future court expenses.

The couple topped up their ‘court account’ by €2.4 million following the sale of their home in Barcelona, valued at €7 million.

Cristina is to face trial for tax fraud, while Urdangarin is charged with money laundering and fraud.

A judge set bail of €2.7 million for the princess and €13.5 million for her husband.

Cristina is the first royal family member ordered to stand trial since Spain’s monarchy was restored in 1975.

The trial is expected late this year.

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  1. In a TRUE democracy, NO one is above the Law. So let the facts & responsibilities fall where they may. A champion handball player, yet

  2. These poor folks are the fall guys for a corrupt global banking cabal that’s ruined millions of lives across the globe from Greece to Main St USA since 2007.