British officers join international patrol force in Mallorca

Anderson and Williams join an international force in Mallorca aimed at maintaining peace between tourists and residents

LAST UPDATED: 27 Apr, 2017 @ 14:55

TWO British policemen have joined a new international force in Magaluf, Mallorca aimed at smoothing tension between tourists and locals.

Officers Anderson and Williams with members of Civil Guard
Officers Anderson and Williams with members of Guardia Civil

Anderson and Williams, the two officers, join four Germans, three Italians and two Frenchmen on this uniformed squad.

The group will patrol with the Guardia Civil and National Police, and hope in the future to be involved in cases regarding foreign nationals.

The British Embassy released a comment citing their hopes that the presence of the British officers will inspire British tourists to display better behaviour, and thus cause less friction with the local residents.


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  1. What absolute nonsense. The Guardia Civil can’t knock drunken heads together? Do me a favour!
    These two “beat bobbies”, one male, one female, are currently patrolling between 7am. and 10pm (with a film crew in attendance). While the loonies are sleeping it off and britain is short of cops due to fiscal cuts.