Spanish Room Mate hotel chain offers free on-the-go WiFi to guests

LAST UPDATED: 4 Sep, 2015 @ 20:49

roommate-hotels-wifiTHE hunting for free-WiFi on holiday may be over.

A Spanish hotel group is keeping its guests connected to the web… even when they leave the premises.

Holidaymakers staying at Room Mate Hotels are being provided with a portable 3G router with 100MB of data to keep them online at all times.

Room Mate Hotels has been offering guests WiFi in their rooms since 2005 and say they want to ‘stay ahead of the game’.

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  1. Look s a very interesting idea. I haven’t used this hotel chain yet, but am impressed by their services. I suppose they have to do this to stay one step ahead of the airbnb crowd.

  2. This is like (or is) MIFI, it has been around for a few years now. Rural tourism establishments use them a lot to keep clients connected whilst being in charge of their own usage levels.