Spanish plane descends perilously close to cars on motorway

Iberia flight from Madrid narrowly misses busy Costa Rica road

LAST UPDATED: 14 Oct, 2015 @ 06:40

Iberia plane
CLOSE CALL: Iberia flight narrowly misses busy road

AN Iberia plane was photographed flying perilously close to drivers near a Costa Rica airport. 

The flight from Madrid descended to just a few metres above vehicles on a busy road queuing to get into San Jose airport.

The Airbus 340 plane passed just over a security fence before making a safe landing.

“That day the plane took a different setting from the control tower because of the wind,” said an Iberia press officer.


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  1. This actually worries me, it would seem I have been brainwashed by everything around me…why? because my first thought was, I hope thats not a pilot seeing how accurate his skills are…. What a world we live in.