Nerja coalition breaks up over Facebook row

The PSOE deputy mayor blasted two Ciudadanos councillors on Facebook

LAST UPDATED: 13 Oct, 2015 @ 11:24

THE socialist coalition governing Nerja has broken up over a Facebook fight. 

PSOE mayor Rosa Arrabal is hoping to restore unity
PSOE mayor Rosa Arrabal is hoping to restore unity

Ciudadanos has publicly withdrawn from the pact – which ousted 20 years of PP government after May’s elections – following the PSOE deputy mayor’s negative comments online about the party.

PSOE Mayor Rosa Arrabal was only able to form a majority government in June with help from Ciudadanos, Izquierda Unida and Espacio Verde.

But the pact was shaken when Deputy Mayor Jose Miguel Garcia posted on Facebook this month: “This is embarrassing, you (the two Ciudadanos councillors) need to govern more and tell fewer lies.

“Three months in charge without doing absolutely anything, only complaining, not collaborating. Nerja is asking for change and you are not contributing anything.”

Ciudadanos’ official Nerja page responded: “We would like to notify the registry of Nerja Council that the investiture pact has been broken.”

“With their statements, they have betrayed our trust.”

However, Arrabal has said she was surprised by their letter of withdrawal and intends to repair relations with the two Ciudadanos councillors. It is vital to her stability as mayor.


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