Europa Road to reopen Monday after landslide in Gibraltar

A blockage has been identified as the cause of the flooding

LAST UPDATED: 21 Oct, 2015 @ 17:07

WORK is underway to re-open Europa Road following the collapse of a retaining wall.

The landslide was caused by the extremely heavy rainfall witness over the weekend and the start of the week.

The Rock Hotel, which owns the land in question, has brought in a local civil engineering firm to work with the government’s Technical Services department.

Before the rubble can be cleared, the slope must first be regraded to make the area safe.

Pedestrians will not be allowed on the road at any point until it is reopened. However, access for pedestrians will be allowed through Alameda Gardens from 7:30am.

Traffic heading towards town can use Europa Road between 7:30am and 10:00am on Thursday and Friday, due to safety measures put in place.

But the road will be closed completely over the weekend.

Planned resurfacing works along Queensway have been postponed to avoid further traffic congestion.

Technical Services staff have identified a blockage in the storm water culvert on Europort Avenue as the likely cause, with the over-pumping regime unable to the excessive rainfall of over 22mm in less than two hours.



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