Southern Spain experiences worst storms since 1995

Howling gales and high seas ravaged Spain´s southern coast over the weekend

LAST UPDATED: 2 Nov, 2015 @ 18:04

Chiringuito Servando
Chiringuito Servando

SPAIN continues to be on dangerous weather alert after vicious storms and high winds battered Andalucia over the weekend.

Bad weather is expected to continue until at least tomorrow, November 3, with 29 Spanish provinces under alert.

There were over  300 reported incidents in Andalucia with extremely extensive damage in Chiringuito Servando, on the coast between Torremolinos and central Malaga.

Manager Agustin Jimenez saw water enter at such a rate that it was over a metre deep.

“Luckily there weren’t clients that day as it wasn’t good weather, so it could have been a lot worse,” he told Diario Sur.

The restaurant, which had been redone in 2014 at a cost of €500,000 was virtually decimated.

The beaches of Velez-Malaga also suffered the worst damage seen in 20 years.

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