Spaniard Amancio Ortega world’s richest man for less than one day

LAST UPDATED: 11 Nov, 2015 @ 23:50

Inditex boss Amancio Ortega
Inditex boss Amancio Ortega

THE thrill must have been giddy, albeit fleetingly, when a Spaniard became the world’s richest man.

Inditex giant Amancio Ortega outstripped Bill Gates for just a handful of hours when the contents of his sizeable commercial piggy bank shot up in value on the stock exchange.

The magnate was worth a massive €72 billion compared to Microsoft man Bill Gates’ €71 billion for one morning only.

Inditex, which owns brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho has seen its shares go up by 44% in the last year to reach €34.

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