‘Lost’ manuscript reveals Orson Welles dislike for Ernest Hemingway’s macho interpretation of Spain

LAST UPDATED: 23 Jan, 2016 @ 15:31

orson-welles-is buried in rondaORSON Welles hated Ernest Hemingway’s macho interpretation of Spain, a previously unseen 1973 manuscript has revealed.

Welles wrote the script, Crazy Weather, which features an unflattering bullfighting aficionado character based on Hemingway.

“It’s really critical of that type of American aficionado of the bullfighting, seeking ways to display his masculinity,” according to Dr Matthew Asprey Gear, the academic who unearthed the document.

Welles and Hemingway traded blows during the making of film The Spanish Earth, after the author called the director ‘a faggot’.

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  1. Well said that man, everything he wrote was always about himself and he was a macho poser. When he ran out of ideas he killed himself.