Israeli university awarded €70,000 after being barred from Spanish green energy contest

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jan, 2016 @ 07:53

SPAIN’S Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling in favour of an Israeli university that was banned from a sustainable energy design competition.

Ariel University in Israel
Ariel University in Israel

The court awarded Ariel University €70,000 after finding Spain’s Housing Ministry had acted illegally by excluding the Israeli institution from Solar Decathlon Europe in 2009.

The compensation is added to a previous €30,000 award in what is a major blow to Spain’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement.

“We are successfully combating both anti-Semitism and BDS in Spain,” said Angel Mas, President of ACOM, a pro-Israel organisation in Spain.

In 2008, Ariel University was one of 21 finalists selected for the competition.

But in 2009 the Spanish announced that ‘[As] your institution is located in the occupied territories… it will not be possible for your centre to continue in this competition.’


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  1. Seems a reasonable cause to ban an Israeli institution that is utilising an illegal occupation to further it’s standing in the world. Nothing to do with anti-semitism but everything to do with injustice and taking a stand against it. A very smelly Supreme Court decision this one.