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Student groups claim ‘Israeli officer’ pulled out gun during protest at university in the Spanish capital

OFFICERS from Spain’s National Police force are investigating allegations that an Israeli officer brandished a firearm during a protest last week in Madrid’s Complutense...

More than 127,000 Sephardi Jews outside Spain apply for Spanish citizenship after their ancestors were exiled 600 years ago

The Sephardi Jews set up communities throughout Spain and Portugal before they began to be exiled in the 15th Century

Spain to add Ladino to official languages list

SPAIN is set to officially recognise Ladino as a Spanish tongue. It is hoped that in doing so, it will save the language from extinction...

Bilbao is all hooked up to be the world’s internet hub

Today, there are over 420 submarine cables in service around the world, stretching a length of over 700,000 miles.

Spain condemns plans for new homes to be built along the West Bank

The homes, most of which will be built in the Oranit settlement and some in Jordan Valley come as the US threatened to withhold funds for Palestine. 

Malaga-based app developers to represent Spain at Google’s startup summit

The app checks programmes for viruses and releases the findings to security analysts

Local government abandons plan to boycott Israel

Plans scrapped as government backs out

Israeli university awarded €70,000 after being barred from Spanish green energy contest

The Spanish Supreme court found Spain’s Housing Ministry had acted illegally by excluding the Israeli institution from Solar Decathlon Europe in 2009

Spanish teachers not properly assessed following qualification says report

Spain is one of the only a handful of advanced countries that doesn’t regularly assess its teachers

Spain issues arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister

A Supreme Court judge said he would reopen a case against Benjamin Netanyahu should he set foot in Spain

UPDATE: Shamed Spanish festival re-invites axed Jewish singer

The decision comes after criticism from Spanish and American officials

Spain’s Congress votes to recognise Palestine

Congress passed a non-binding motion urging the government to recognise Palestine as an independent state

Spanish government set to vote on Palestine

The Spanish government are set to vote on Palestine following the UK government's decision to recognise a Palestinian state

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem retract anti-Israel statements

the pair received flak after signing an open letter blaming Israel for Gaza violence

Spain joins Britain in freezing arms sales to Israel

The suspension is intended to send a diplomatic message

A true Master at work in Spain

Daniel Barenboim brought his celebrated West Eastern Divan Orchestra to Ronda

Ship ahoy! From the Spanish slopes to the Gaza Strip…

A boat decked out in the colours of the Palestinian flag has been spotted on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada

Oy vey! Now we’re the Costa del Corruption

Spain is more corrupt than Israel, according to a new poll

Watch out Messi, here we come!

Scores of talented youngsters at an Andalucian football school are turning heads across the world, writes Andrew Pearce

Destination China

A 17th century galleon named 'Andalucia' set off for Shanghai from Sevilla on Sunday

Key meeting one Israel-light!

Israeli politician branded “a disgrace” by diplomats after night on the razz in Madrid left Spain tourism meeting one man light

Sun sets on Israeli scientists

Israeli scientists kicked out of solar power competition




Pedro Ximenez sherry produced from a grape in Spain’s Andalucia is in line to be crowned a piece of...

PEDRO Ximenez wines, produced from a grape grown in the Andalucian municipality of Montilla, are in line to be named an Intangible Cultural Heritage...


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