Marbella mayor writes book on legendary drink Aguardiente de Ojen

Jose Bernal pens ode to legendary Marbella drink 'as popular as Coca Cola'

LAST UPDATED: 19 Mar, 2016 @ 17:35

HOW he found time to write on top of his mayoral duties is a mystery.

But Marbella Mayor Jose Bernal has published ‘El Aguardiente de Ojen; Historia y leyenda’, about the alcoholic tipple and the (now closed) distillery in the hills above Marbella, where it was produced.

BERNAL'S BOOK: El Aguardiente de Ojen; Historia y leyenda
BERNAL’S BOOK: El Aguardiente de Ojen; Historia y leyenda

Bernal, a former teacher with a PhD in History from the University of Malaga, has already published several history books.

“Ojen’s aguardiente had the same kind of global fame in its day that Coca Cola has today,” he said.

“It’s a real Marbella legend which older people used to tell, I investigated it in my doctoral thesis and wanted to explore it further.”

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