Huelva judge rules Junta are responsible for paying back Edu training course funds

Bogus training schemes for unemployed cost millions

LAST UPDATED: 29 Mar, 2016 @ 22:08

THE Junta may have to repay millions in the Edu bogus training course scandal.

RULING: Junta hit by Huelva court
RULING: Junta hit by Huelva court

In an unprecedented court ruling, a Huelva judge has ruled that the Junta are responsible for paying back money if any defendants found guilty are declared bankrupt.

The Edu investigation centres on government funds allocated to retraining programmes for the unemployed, with millions creamed off the top.

Under the scheme, funds were given in grants for bogus academies, which were set up in disused buildings.

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  1. Great but what happens when the Junta declares itself bankrupt. If this was a slapstick comedy we could all have a laugh but it ain’t.