Spain’s political deadlock continues after three-way party meeting fails

Podemos demands proved too much for opposing delegates

LAST UPDATED: 8 Apr, 2016 @ 13:19

deadlock meetingTHE first meeting between Podemos, Ciudadanos and the Socialist Party ended in failure today.

The three main parties met to end Spain’s political deadlock following its inconclusive election in December, which led to a hung parliament.

The list of demands from the Podemos camp proved too much for the opposing delegates, including Catalonia’s right to self-rule and a mass increase in public spending.

Regional self determination is non-negotiable for the other parties, while for many, Spain’s failure to meet deficit targets will likely require spending cuts for the next government, not increased spending.

As the two-and-a-half hour meeting eneded, Socialist spokesman Antonio Hernando said the only purpose of the session had been for the 18 party representatives to tell each other what everyone else already thinks: that their positions are incompatible.

Ciudadanos spokesman Jose Manuel Villegas said: “The outlook is that there will be no agreement.”

But Hernando said the Socialist Party will keep pushing for an alliance, until its last drop of sweat is dried up.

If no alliance is formed by May 2, parliament will be dissolved and a fresh election will be called for late June, which latest polls show would favour the Popular Party (PP).


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  1. Wonder if Rajoy is foxy enough, to stand aside in favour of Soraya Saenz de Santamaria? The novelty could tip the scales for the P.P. Shouldn’t give him ideas really…