Caminito del Rey online booking portal reopens today with new ticket price

Visitors will pay no more than €10 to visit the walkway

LAST UPDATED: 18 Apr, 2016 @ 16:32

Caminito del ReyTHE online reservations site for the iconic Caminito del Rey walkway reopened today.

It will not cost more than €10 to visit the stunning site in El Chorro, Malaga, which is set to reopen this Friday on April 22.

The attraction is now managed by Hermanos Campano and Bobastro 2000 who have the rights to the booking portal (, site maintenance and security for the next four years.

The walkway, dubbed the ‘worlds deadliest’ was handed over to the companies by Malaga City Council for  €1.6 million.

Tickets have gone from costing nothing to a maximum of €8.26 (plus IVA), meaning visitors should never have to pay more than €10, and local hotels can no longer get free access for their guests.

A total of 300,000 people per year visit the extraordinary path with a maximum of 1,100 per day.


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