Triple aHUNDREDS of supporters turned up to Triple A’s 25th Anniversary open day on Sunday.

The animal sanctuary had been under fire after allegations of dog trafficking and animal cruelty led to the arrests of four of its staff.

Secretary Jan Weima was astonished by how many came to show their support, adding that the accusations were baseless.

He said: “The accusations are unfair and we ask people not to judge us before anything is resolved. This has been an injustice, revenge for some hatred and it cannot end like this.”

A statement and video released by the Guardia Civil that morning had also purported to show a freezer containing animals that had been killed illegally.

But Triple A maintained none of the animals shown had been killed illegally, and only five of the animals had died on the premises

It said: “Triple A has a freezer in its facilities where the dead animals are deposited by Marbella Town Hall sanidad services.

“Therefore the images shown do not correspond to dead or slaughtered animals on the premises.

Of those shown in these images, among which are a goat and a seagull, only four dogs and a cat died in the facilities since February 26, the day of the previous collection by authorised company in charge of transporting animal carcasses and subsequent incineration.

“Of those five animals only one, a puppy born with a malformation that prevented him from breathing, had to be put down. This was carried out by a veterinarian  after extensive several diagnostic tests, including X-rays.”



  1. Lovely. according to a Spanish TV report on LaCuatro, they found over fifty dead animals in the fridge, twenty thousand euros in ‘donations’ and they apparently (if you believe the police) used low doses to destroy the animals so as to save money. Some animals, we are told, were still alive when put in the fridge. They de-chipped some animals to sell them abroad, says the report here: “”

  2. Lenox,
    was this a factual story or just propaganda, the Spanish don’t like anything that exposes the dark side of their mentality.

    Much better would be factual information on how many of the dogs or cats were abandoned by Spanish and how many by foreigners – I think we all know the answer.

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